We bring you entertainment, enthusiasm, glamour
and a commitment to excellence that very few can match.

What’s Involved? 

We come to your house, or venue and provide comedy and songs with some gentle teasing of the Hen, Mother’s of the Bride and Groom and any other activities that bring a laugh to the audience. (and we can avoid teasing anyone if that’s what you want). We bring in a small portable sound system and an operator. We set up the sound and get the space ready for your Drag Queen and then the fun begins.

Do you sing?

We don’t sing unless pressed. We provide a mime drag act (the usual ‘drag queen act’) and we bring along music and player to facilitate the show. Since we are based in comedy and not ‘pretending to be Britney’ we find that our audiences go along with the joke, and often sing along with our tracks anyway.

Will you dress up our Hen?

We can provide just about any service to your Hen’s party you can think of. Drag Queen Makeover for the bride to be, shopping tours, lessons in how to add that ‘drag queen’ style to your wardrobe, or just some fabulous entertainment. The range of fun to be had with your own drag queen on call is endless.

Talk to us about your ideas and we’ll be able to help.

How about Buck’s Parties?

Yes we’ve done Buck’s Parties as well and the format is much like our Hen’s Parties. Since we know both sides of the fence we know how to make a Buck’s Party as funny as you might expect.

How much does it cost?

This is the question everyone that asks and the hardest to answer, and that’s because every party is slightly different, but expect near $400 for our basic Drag Queen performance and entertainment package.

Please note: Some destinations attract a travel cost, so speak to us for a precise quote.

So what happens then?

Once you’ve received our quote we will ask for a performance deposit, and since we know that sometimes plans change, this deposit is is refundable up to a month before the engagement. We will ask for the balance of the payment on arrival for your show, or some people prefer to pay the full amount in one go, and that’s OK with us but the performance deposit rule still applies.

We suggest you book early to avoid disappointment since, as you know, some months are very popular with brides.

Once we’re confirmed and all is in place, we’ll still be in touch a week or so before the engagement just to confirm all is ready for your celebrations. We’ll also call you the day before your show. Then we’ll call you as we arrive at your house or venue to announce our arrival.

More questions?
We know that every celebration is unique and so if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, dealing with professional and dedicated drag queens.

” You also win in the response stakes. Your emails are so prompt and lovely. You answered all our questions . Thank you ” – Jennifer, Melbourne

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